Dear Sam, dear OpenAI Team,

you want to visit Munich during your world tour to talk to and get direct, unfiltered feedback from:

(1) Developers, Users, Builders

(2) AI Enthusiasts

(3) Policymakers

We will provide you with access to all three.


The Center for Digital Technology and Management is the most successful educational entrepreneurship institute in Europe, backed by TUM and LMU, the two leading universities in Germany. With more than US$6bn in combined funding (11% of total VC volume in Germany) and 240+ founded companies across a mere 1000 alumni, the Center is a community in which technologists and builders gather and create great things (e.g., award-winning tunnel-boring machines, AI for forest conservation). We are deeply rooted in the European and German innovation ecosystem and, as an educational institution, work closely with relevant political stakeholders across all levels of government. is Germany’s biggest student initiative (170+ members) centered solely around Artificial Intelligence. It was founded in 2020 as a direct result of a meetup with OpenAI in San Francisco. Subsequently, Europe’s first GPT-3 hackathon was organized by after being granted early access. Currently, a joint AI summit is in the works with German and bavarian ministries. The organization bundles the most ambitious and passionate students at Germany's highest-ranking technical university. Everyone here lives and breathes AI.

As the two eminent grass-root, student / PHD led organisations in Munich, we have in the past acted as the hosts of other global tours, e.g. Y Combinator’s World Outreach Tour in February 2022. We would love to welcome you in Munich in May/June to create a memorable and meaningful experience. We are flexible with regards to the exact kind of event(s) you imagine. We have access to venues that enable any event, ranging from podium discussions and Q&As with up to 1500 guests, to more private evenings and hangouts, and meetings with policy makers.

We are looking forward to having you here in Munich. Please reach out to us for any questions or feedback: [email protected].


Felix & Hamze

Impressions from both communities

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